New From Slide-Loc, Patent Pending Quick Release Levers

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Equipment | 0 comments

Recently we learned about a clever lever developed by Ryan Snodgrass, the owner and designer of the Slide-Loc product line. Please keep reading the official Press Release below.

Slide-Loc LLC – Quick Release Lever Patent Pending – All Rights Reserved

Slide-Loc continues striving to come out with innovative ideas for the aquarium industry, this time to solve a simple and persistent problem. Taking on the meek and humble thumb screw, often a thorn for hobbyists, and replacing it with a patent pending quick release lever that makes maintenance faster & easier among other things. Some will share the frustration & tedious nature of a thumb screw. Issues often being swelling from moisture, lining up holes, breaking, difficulty tightening / loosening, or inconsistent clamping pressure. Alternatively MORE

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