icecap k1 protein skimmer
IceCap has just announced a new series of protein skimmers called “K1”. Four new models now available for aquariums between 10 gallons and 350 gallons. Here’s the official product release information from CoralVue:

Master crafted from robust PVC and high quality acrylic, all components are marine safe and refined in every aspect to provide the latest enhancements in foam fractionation and function.

The elegant “Beer Bottle” curve of the skimmer body naturally stabilizes the air and water mix as it transition upward within the reaction chamber. An impressively compact footprint makes it the ideal candidate for tight sump applications. Every aspect of the skimmer disassembles completely for easy service.

At the Core of the IceCap K1, you will find the new EVair skimmer pump built to be highly durable and packing a ton efficient performance. An easy grip and twist-Locking access to the pinwheel for easy service.  MORE

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