New Leak Detection Kit from Neptune Systems

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neptune ldk
Neptune Systems has just released another new Apex-compatible product- the Leak Detection Kit (LDK). Made to work with their new Fluid Monitoring Module (FMM) and compatible with every model of Apex, the LDK is replacing Neptune’s Advanced Leak Detection module (ALD).

The LDK includes the FMM, which has four ports for use with the two included leak detection probes. When the LDK detects a leak, your Apex can sound an alarm, send an alert to your mobile device, or take other actions on your aquarium. The other two ports are available to be used for more leak detection probes, flow sensors, or optical water level sensors. The plug-and-play optical sensors have magnetic mounts and can detect high or low water levels in your sump, water mixing containers, and more – very useful!

Setup is straightforward, simply plug the included AquaBus cable into the FMM and then plug it into any free AquaBus port on your apex System. Next, connect the two leak detection probes to the FMM module and then place them in locations you think most likely to get wet first when a leak might occur. And finally, run the LDK task in apex Fusion; there is a specific task in apex Fusion that will take you step by step through the remainder of the install process. NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED!

The LDK retails for $149.95 in the USA and is available immediately from dealers nationwide.

information and image credit: Neptune Systems/Terence Fugazzi

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