New Life Spectrum Probiotix line released!

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New Life International, creator of New Life Spectrum® premium aquarium foods, has released the first informational video for its new line of probiotic-enhanced aquarium nutrition pellets: New Life Spectrum ‘Probiotix®.’ This coincides with the first wave of the product becoming available to consumers.

In the video, host Hilary Jaffe (NLS social media coordinator) reveals Probiotix™ has 3 million viable beneficial cultures per gram of food, making it the highest concentration probiotic pellet on the market. They credit the innovative cold re-extrusion technique that makes including the heat-sensitive bacteria in the foods possible.

Because of this, Probiotix’s beneficial cultures are locked inside the pellet rather than spray-coated on the surface. This means the coating doesn’t release into the water before it finds its way into the fish’s gut, and makes for a shelf life that’s competitive with the company’s standard pellets. Another benefit is the phosphate-eating probiotics in the formula that are alongside the lactobacillus that aids digestion.

Ian Tepoot, President of New Life International, claims Probiotix® is New Life Spectrum’s best food yet.

“It’s what we like to call our ‘virtuous cycle’… working in the gut, in the water and in the filter,” said Ian Tepoot, President of New Life International, “this is one of the products we’re most proud of. Because it isn’t a marketing gimmick. Like everything we release, it has to earn the New Life name.” The probiotics increase the food’s ‘utilization rate’ (the fish absorb more of the nutrients in Spectrum’s nutrient-dense formula) resulting less and cleaner waste. This waste also has the phosphate-eating probiotics which continue to work in the water and in the find their way to the biofilter.

“We think this is going to be a real game-changer for probiotic fish foods,” continued Mr. Tepoot, “and look forward to introducing this latest advancement.”

The New Life Spectrum Probiotix™ product family is available in a range of pellets sizes from small to large, and is a part of the new Naturox® series of products that are made with all-natural preservatives, no pigments, and featuring their next-generation Spectrum Nutrition Formula with added squid, ginger and less starch.

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