New Product Alert! Abyzz Flow Cannon AFC150

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Abyzz has just unveiled a brand-new product, the Abyzz Flow Cannon AFC150, which they will begin shipping next week from their German headquarters. From the company:

Product description

The innovative Abyzz Flow Cannon AFC150 “compact” with its high-end design including a titanium rotor unit and titanium housing consists of the pump itself and a powerful and programmable driver. Containing a very energy efficient motor and providing the exact adjustment for your application, it offers a very energy-saving solution.

The integrated bearing flushing provides optimum protection against calcification and, in conjunction
with the silicon carbide bearings and special hard metal shaft, ensures low-maintenance operation.

All metal parts are made out of titanium grade 2 and other parts are made out of high quality plastics.
This composition ensures a long lifetime, thus granting highest sustainability and lowest carbon footprint. Several mounting options are offered to suit any needs and due to many available mounting points, even a customer specific mounting can be done very easily. The special prop design and a well designed hydraulic lets the pump operate with almost no noise or vibration. The integrated flow straightener provides a laminar and powerful water movement. Easy programming (as in any Abyzz pump) and the possibility to link to external controllers offers a wide field of application.

The materials used are designed to have a long lifetime and meet the highest requirements and quality standards. This product is developed and manufactured in Germany by venotec.

Special features

– Variable speed range (-70.0 – 100.0%)
– CW and CCW operation
– Precise speed adjustment in steps of 0.1%
– Integrated programming to generate waves, bursts and random flow patterns with additional BOOSTMODE to override actual programming (MCFS – Menu Controlled Flow Sequencer)
– SELF – Safety Extra Low Voltage (12V motor supply)
– Comprehensive safety functions, such as dry run warning, temperature alert, overcurrent protection, speed zero alert
– Soft startup and dynamic control
– Auxillary port for peripheral devices (e.g. interfacing to external controllers)
– High quality IP65 motor cable connector
– Low-noise operation
– Multicolor background LC display
– Splashwaterproof driver (IP65)
– Wide range input with active power factor correction
– Optimized heat sink design


– Freshwater and seawater aquaristics
– Creeks
– Water features
– Commercial applications

Technical data

Mounting only submersed, minimum submersion depth 0.4m.
Flow (nominal) : 54,000l/h (238gpm)
Flow (max.) : 60,000l/h (264gpm)
Pump ambient temp. : 1-50°C (35-122°F)
Driver ambient temp. : +1-30°C (35-86°F) (without additional cooling)
Max. discharge speed : 4m/s (12ft/s)
Power consumption : 4-150W
Operating voltage : 100-240V~
Operating frequency : 50-60Hz
Maximum immersion depth : 2.5m (8ft)
Pump cable length : 3m (10ft)

Scope of delivery

– Abyzz AFC150 pump and IPU driver
– Operating manual (download)


For more information, visit the Abyzz website

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