Since MACNA 2016, I have been keeping my eye on a product called Reef Bots, made by Reef Kinetics.

What caught my attention is the constant testing that it does for us hobbyists, so that we don’t have to test manually, and that it makes adjustments according to the levels that are provided by the machine. The whole design had changed when I saw them again at MACNA 2018 in New Orleans. They ditched the octopus wire design (I wasn’t a fan of that) and replaced it with a sleek computer-like aluminum casing which encases everything to make this a true plug and play unit.

I met up with Rabih Krayem who explained everything about the unit here in this video. All the test results are automatically logged via multi platform app and you can test up to 8 elements or nutrient levels.

I have kept in touch with them, and I am excited to say that they are FINALLY ready to launch and the retail product will be unveiled at Reef A Palooza Orlando 2018 which will be happening this weekend!  If you are coming to the show, be sure to check them out. I am looking forward to automating my tests so that I don’t have to do all of the tests by hand, I can eliminate the user errors to get more accurate tests, and I can have them all right at my finger tips. Be sure to check them out in Coralvue booth #303 at Reef A Palooza Orlando.

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