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Piscine Energetics Pellets

Piscine Energetics is branching out from their excellent frozen mysis shrimp and Calanus. The Canadian manufacturer has decided to leave the freezer section of your local fish store with the introduction of its latest line of fish food, called Pellets.

In a nutshell, PE Pellets is everything you like about their frozen offerings, but in a shelf-stable pellet form. It comes in two varieties, fulfilling both sides of the aquarium hobby divide. Mysis reminds the main ingredient in both the freshwater and saltwater versions of PE Pellets, and a myriad of ingredients have been added each of the two products.  

PE Pellets Freshwater

PE Pellets Freshwater

Piscine Energetics made a smart move and essentially matched the package size to the pellet diameter. Both Freshwater and Saltwater Pellets come in three different varieties- the 56g/ 1mm pellet size bag, the 113g/2mm size, and the 226g/3mm pellet size package.

The guaranteed analysis and ingredient list are identical for both the freshwater and saltwater pellets. Beside mysis shrimp, they contain fish meal, Antarctic krill, Astaxanthin ( a keto-cartenoid responsible for the red color of many ocean dwelling creatures like salmon and krill), and a number of antioxidants, fatty acids, essential vitamins, and trace elements. Here’s a guaranteed analysis, taken from PE Pellets packaging:

Crude Protein: Min 42%

Crude Fat: Min 8%

Crude Fiber: Max 2%

Ash: Max 6%

Moisture: Max 10%

Phosphorus: Max 0.75%

Omega 3: Min 2%

Omega 6: Min 1%

Vitamin A: 50000 IU/kg

Vitamin D: 2000 IU/kg

Vitamin E: 200 IU/kg


PE Pellets is a welcome addition from a company that has always excelled at meeting tropical fishes’ dietary needs. You can find their newest product at your local fish store and in numerous online stores. To learn more about PE Pellets, please visit manufacturer’s product page.


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