New Stuff: Ice Cap Coral Frag Transport Container & Magnetic Frag Tray Mount

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Any self-respecting coral farmer/frag collector that has attended a coral swap or show understands that the first step in caring for his/her newly-acquired animals is to safely get them to their destination. There have been countless means of transportation solutions invented since the first time a coral frag left one aquarium and entered another- bags, tubes, urine sample containers (no kidding), but none of them are as high-tech as the one I have on me right now.

Ice Cap just introduced a coral frag transportation system consisting of two distinct products, sold separately, designed to work seamlessly together to get your corals home safely and acclimate them to the tank parameters properly.

The first of the two is called the Coral Frag Transport Container and, as the name suggests, is a water-tight vessel for coral transportation. It consists of a transparent, rigid plastic container with a water-tight, twist open lid and a tray insert that holds up to 8 frags. While the container itself is self-explanatory, the tray is where the magic happens. It is shaped to fit perfectly in the lower part of the container and equipped with four legs that elevate it from the bottom, allowing for the frag plug legs to hang freely. Speaking of, the tray holds 8 standard size plugs and has a simple locking mechanism that prevents the plugs from detaching. You can even hold the container upside down and the plugs will stay in place. Finally, the tray’s handle presses against the lid when closed, making the whole thing locked in place during transport. 

The accompanying product, called Magnetic Frag Tray Mount, is a no-fuss magnetic frag rack consisting of the sealed magnetic mount (rated for ½” glass) and a solid piece of ¼” clear acrylic with cutouts. It’s not your standard frag rack though, the cutouts are there to securely hold the transport container’s legs in the tank. Together, the container’s tray and the magnetic mount create a nifty compact coral transportation system. By using both those products together, you will be able to mount coral frags, transport them home, use the container as a dipping station and transport the whole load to your tank for acclimation without ever touching or removing frags from the rack. Clever.

While IceCap stopped short from calling their container TSA-approved, it meets all requirements to be allowed on a plane in carry-on luggage. Just make sure to have the proper documentation or the TSA Live Coral transportation rules page open when going through security screening.

IceCap  Coral Frag Transport Container & Magnetic Frag Tray Mount can be found in major aquariums supplies stores and online. Check them both out here:

Coral Frag Transport Container

 Magnetic Frag Tray Mount

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