Seachem has packed all the same great features into the popular Tidal Power Filter lineup and now there is a new model for smaller aquariums. TheTidal™ 35 Power Filter is designed to deliver the highest water quality possible with maximum versatility and ease of use…all in a smaller footprint for up to 35 US Gallon (130 L) aquariums.

Tidal 35 Features:

Highest Flow Rate in Class 130 US GPH (500 L/H)

High Capacity Filter Basket with Matrix™ Bio-Media

Self-Cleaning Impeller

Maintenance Alert Feature

Surface Skimmer

Flow Regulations

We have been using a Tidal 50 filter on a 16 gallon soft coral tank and we couldn’t be more pleased with this setup. The water is crystal clear and a protein skimmer was too much of an eyesore for this particular tank MORE

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