Trimma meranyx (above) is a relatively deepwater (55-70m) cryptic goby that lives in crevices along steep reef slopes at Raja Ampat, Lembeh Strait and Milne Bay.  The brilliant yellow and green main pigmentation is spectacular on its own, but couple it with the yellow eyes, blue strip along the base of each fin, and red with white spotted peduncle (tail) and this makes for one of the most spectacular dwarf gobies we’ve seen yet.



Trimma pajama is named for its striped pajama-like appearance.  It hails from Raja Ampat but evidence suggest it may have a much wider range.  This species lives exclusively in shallow water Halimeda macroalgae beds.  Imagine this bright red fish swimming within rich green Halimeda (red is the complimentary/contrast color to green); it’s hard to believe this species wasn’t spotted sooner.

Trimma zurae is the third new Trimma spp. described in the latest Zootaxa paper. This species was discovered living amongst sponges in the Celebes Sea.  Unfortunately, we haven’t found a good photo of this species.  Hopefully some will turn up soon on sites like; These three species are so newly described they don’t appear on fishbase yet.

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