New Tunze Comline® DOC Skimmer and Filters

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New Tunze Comline® DOC Skimmer and Filters

The Comline® Reefpack 250 system is an affordable complete filtration system. Read on for more details.

Comline® DOC Skimmer 9004

The Comline® DOC Skimmer 9004 is rated for saltwater aquariums up to 250 litres (66 US gal) or low-nutrient systems (such as SPS tanks) up to 150 litres (40 US gal).  The 9004 draws water from the water’s surface helping to eliminate surface slick.  A Tunze Foamer 9004 pump quietly generates the foam using their patented self-adjusting “anti-overfoaming system.”  Tunze refers to the DOC Skimmer’s short-contact-time-skimming as “flash skimming.”  The 9004 comes with an air flow valve and silencer.

As with almost every tunze product manufactured today, the DOC Skimmer 9004 is held to your aquarium (or sump) using a supplied magnet holder.  Two magnets are necessary for pane thicknesses greater than 12mm (.47 in.), although we doubt any aquarium this skimmer is rated for will require two magnets.

Price of the Comline® DOC Skimmer 9004 is listed at 107.45 € (approximately $140 USD).



Comline® Filter 3162

  • Both of tunze’s two new Comline internal filters are rated for aquariums 60 – 400 litres (15 – 105 US gal).
  • 2.5 – 4.5W, 230V/50Hz (115V/ 60Hz)
  • Dimensions: 110 x 90 x 255mm (4.3 x 3.5 x 10 in.)
  • Max. immersion depth: Approx. 230mm (9.1 in.)
  • Comline filters may be outfitted with optional 75W heaters and tunze Osmolator ATOs.

Like the DOC Skimmer, the Comline filters draw water from the surface through its media chamber.  Users may load the chamber with a variety of media such as tunze’s Macro Wadding, Micro Wadding, filter fleece, NanoChem, activated carbon, Quickphos, Silphos, or Zeolite.  And like the Comline DOC Skimmer, the filters are also held in place using magnet holders.

The 3162 uses a variable speed Comline pump to move water through the filter.  The pump can output between 250lph (66gph) to 850lph (225gph), thus allowing users to adjust their filter to both their tank size and media requirements.

Price of the Comline® Filter 3162 is listed at 55.52 € (approximately $70 USD).



Comline® Streamfilter 3163

The 3163 is similar to its sibling, so most of the description for the 3162 (above) also applies to the 3163.  The main difference is the 3163 uses a tunze nanostream for its pump (presumably the nanostream 6015 rated for 1,800 lph/475 gph).  Thus, the 3163 will provide more circulation than the 3162 but with less control for flow-through rate.

Price of the Comline® Streamfilter 3163 is listed at 59.66 € (approximately $75 USD).



Comline® Reefpack 250

The Reefpack is a tunze packaged system comprising of Tunze marine salt, the DOC Skimmer 9004, and the Comline 3162 filter.  This package is designed as a total filtration system with an energy consumption of only 8.5W for all components.

The Comline® Reefpack is listed at 142.45 € (approximately $180 USD).  Along with an Osmolator nano, heater, and Tunze nanostream, and lights, aquarists can assemble a highly capable (and dummy-proof) reef tank for around $500 USD (sans tank, furniture, and livestock).


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