New Tunze nanostream on the horizon

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New Tunze nanostream on the horizon

Tunze to announce their new nanostream 6095 (photo of Tunze 6055. The 6095 is reported to be the same size)

What we’ve been informed about the new Turbelle nanostream 6095 thus far:

  • The 6095 will not be replacing any models.  Rather, it is an additional model in the nanostream line.
  • The 6095 will produce 2650gph of flow.  That represents a 80% increase over the 6055 (currently the most powerful nanostream available).
  • The 6095 will be the same dimensions as the 6055
  • The 6095 will offer the same feature set as the 6055.  Essentially, it is the 6055, with significantly more flow.
  • Flow pattern is specified at 4ft x 2.5ft coverage.  This represents a wider flow pattern than the 6055.
  • Power consumption is rated at 21W at 24V (full power).
  • The 6095 is designed for wide and cube tanks or tanks that require more gentle flow.  Long tanks and SPS tanks are still better served with the Turbelle Stream 2 models (starting with the 6105).
  • There is no time schedule on its release; The 6095 will not be available until Fall 2011.  No preorders are being accepted at this time, and price has not been set, although it is expected to be well below $300 USD.


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