Original photo by Klaus Stiefel

Ze Frank just did a wonderfully funny video “True Facts About The Seahorse”. I love the True Facts videos he’s been doing; especially since they’re mostly true.


(Seriously, watch this; it’s some funny stuff.)

As good as the video is, there are some things as a seahorse enthusiast I know are flat out wrong, and my obnoxiously pedantic side won’t let it be. I don’t blame Ze Frank; there is just some bad information about seahorses floating around the internet. People want to believe some crazy things about seahorses because so many things about a seahorse are ridiculous and unbelievable, why not one more?

So let’s look at a few of these not-so-true facts and maybe they’ll stop getting passed around online once and for all. (I’m looking at all you iseahorses.com!)

1) Seahorses eat 3000 brine shrimp a day.

Well no, not really. Seahorses would never encounter brine shrimp (Artemia spp.) in the wild as brine shrimp come from. . .  MORE

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