Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin to Feature the Coral Restoration Foundation

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Our friends over at the Coral Restoration Foundation sure have their work cut out for them.  Growing and restocking the reefs in the Carribean with the endangered Acropora cervicornis is a daunting task, but the project is being led by some top notch people with many years of experience supplying the hobby with farmed coral.  Think about that for a second.  Our demand for aquacultured mass produced coral frags has led to improvements in techniques for farming wild coral in the world’s oceans.  We saw a few of the pieces of this famous coral on display at MACNA (not for sale to the hobby) and were impressed with their success and the selfless nature of the organization.  A lot of other people with interests in reef conservation have taken notice, including Jeff Corwin in an episode focused on the Georgia Aquarium.  The show is set to premiere on Saturday the 24th at 11AM EST on ABC.  Check your local listings for details.

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