Old School

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Science | 0 comments

Old school captive grown corals have a certain appeal.  The fact that they are recognizable by the trained eye and hold their pigments throughout the years can surely add to their allure.  A small pigment of a certain seed fragment can be passed on to the full grown colony and yet the beauty remains constant.  Unlike some of the newer captive grown corals or wild specimens which can change dramatically through the years, the old school varieties are proven and well known to the trained eye.  This specimen is commonly called the Pink Lemonade and has been in the hobby for many years.  It is one of a handlful of yellow Acropora specimens that have paid off the few people who invested a great amount of time in their care.  Given patience and excellent water quality a mature colony can be achieved in a relatively short time compared to some slower growing stoney corals.  One of the many advantages of old school Acroporas.


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