Petitition to Stop Hawaiian Fishing Ban

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Petitition to Stop Hawaiian Fishing Ban

A Hawaiian Chevron Tang. Photo by Ken Tam.

Between Hawaii Senate Bill HB580 (completely amended after deliberation) earlier this year and this month’s call for a resolution against aquarium fish collection, the aquarium trade has been recently under siege by anti-trade activists calling for a total fishing ban in Hawaiian waters.  While everyone recognizes the importance of fish to their reef ecosystems, science tells us such bans are unnecessary for a thriving fish population.

Aquarists and fishery management advocates now have a chance to call on State lawmakers not to pass legislation to ban any form of fishing within Hawaiian waters.  Instead, the petition endorses responsible fishery management.  The petition currently has over 130 signatures (as of 10/11/11), with such notable signatories as Dr. Richard Pyle (famed deep sea explorer, diver, and zoologist).

Advanced Aquarist encourages our readers to sign this petition.  It takes no more then 30 seconds, and you can remain anonymous.  Empirical data and science tells us time and time again that responsible fishery management helps foster healthy ecosystems.  Total bans are not only unnecessary but may ultimately do more harm by removing economic incentives to manage natural resources.

Background (Preamble):

The State of Hawaii is currently trying to ban the aquarium fishery which is the most managed near shore fishery in the State.

Science provides up to date fish counts and does not support a total ban. This is an environmental movement against fishing, and against management.


We, the undersigned, call to the State of Hawaii not to ban any form of fishing within State waters.

We support fishery management to ensure the fish and reefs will be around for generations to come.

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