ORA announces the ORA Shortcake Acropora

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ORA announces the ORA Shortcake Acropora

The ORA Shortcake Acropora

ORA describes their new Acropora frag:

Description: The ORA Shortcake is an impressive Acropora with luminous white and green branches accented by pink and red corallites and polyps. The base is dark red with matching red corallites and polyps.  We have found the ORA Shortcake to be highly adaptable in regards to lighting and flow conditions, but best color is achieved under moderate lighting.  The ORA Shortcake grows slower than most of the other Acropora corals we grow but it has proven to be very hardy through the years it has taken us to bring it to market.  We acquired this specimen as a wild Australian colony from LiveAquaria.com way back in 2009 making it one of the very few ORA corals that was not originally started from captive grown fragments.

Much like our Mind Trick Montipora, the name of this familiar coral was truncated to avoid trademark infringement.

Frags will be approximately 1.25 inches and will come attached to a black ORA plug.

Placement: Middle – Top

Lighting: Medium – High

Flow: Moderate – Strong


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