ORA Easter Egg Chalice Gets Shown Off at MACNA

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Way back in April, ORA was in quite the Easter mood when they showed off images of their clownfish with bunny ears and Easter Egg Chalice, and they’re announcing here at MACNA that the coral will be finally shipping to stores next week. While we may think the five month wait was a long one, it’s really quite short compared to the three years that ORA has been sitting on this beauty. The coral was originally acquired from LiveAquaria’s display tank at MACNA 2010 in Orlando, and it has been cranking out beautiful frags ever since. This coral is 100% aquacultured, and ORA has spent the last three years trying to “culture” the awesome pink and yellow color found on the chalice. It’s a stunner to say the least, and we should be able to lay eyes on it here at the show. If you’d like to hear more about it straight from ORA, be sure to visit the Easter Egg Chalice Product Page and blog posting.  MORE: ORA Easter Egg Chalice Gets Shown Off at MACNA

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