ORA introduces new aquacultured Acropora

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News release from ORA Farm:

Laura’s Purple Polyp Release

On June 3rd 2016 we announced a new coral was coming and turned to social media to help us choose a name. We received over 60 name suggestions between our most popular facebook and Instagram platforms. We decided to go with an early suggestion posted to our facebook that honored our most tenured employee Laura. Laura has worked for ORA for 18 years! During her time in the sales office, she helped answer questions from aquarists and ORA Partners alike. Peacock Acro and Moon Cheese were two suggestions that were very close runner ups.

The coral has been in the works since 2011, and was sold to us as an Australian Acropora nasuta. It grows fast and is very tough. Grows well under a variety of aquatic conditions, but under high kelvin, high intensity lighting this coral gets an amazing array of teals and greens with those distinctly vivid purple polyps.

We started shipping this coral Monday, June 13th!

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