Orphek Atlantik Shines Bright at SWFMAS 6th Annual Reef Conference

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There is no doubt that LED lighting is one of 2013’s hottest topics. That shined true this past weekend for Orphek’s latest release, the Atlantik LED aquarium lighting fixture. With its sleek European design, unsurpassed clean, crisp lines and enough power for any reef aquarium, the Atlantik’s turned quite a few heads this last weekend at the South West Florida Marine Aquarium’s 6th annual reef conference.


Frag Junky displayed Orphek’s flagship lights over their frag tanks at the reefing event and had this to say about the lights: “The power and color that these lights produce along with the easy controllability of these lights are incredible. We are so excited to display these lights over our coral at all of our upcoming events.”

– Matthew Maier, Co-Owner of FragJunky.com

The Atlantik showcased the amazing colors of corals ranging from high end Zoas to collector SPS. The crispness and clarity that the Atlantik produces is a testament to a well- engineered fixture. A distinguished spectrum provided by high quality light emitting diodes, powered with remote high efficiency LED drivers and accompanied by an easy set and forget controller makes this unit very user friendly.

Orphek Light 2

The Atlantik’s ability to cover a massive footprint with just one fixture makes it very appealing to a wide range of aquarium hobbyists. More information can also be found on-line at Orphek.com.


  • 78 LEDs per unit
  • Wattage of each LED:  3 watts but driven at ~2,4 watts (700mA)
  • LED Make up:
  • 28 – 17,500K white
  • 10 – 12,000K white
  • 24 – 460nm blue
  • 8   – 450 nm blue
  • 4   – Orphek special High range red click here for Spectrum Graph 
  • 4   – High range 380-430nm UV

Orphek can provide custom LEDs for each channel of lighting if desired!


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