Orphek introduces new Atlantik V4 with novel spectrum

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Orphek explains their decision to add infrared LEDs, stating:

“If you think about red light, you must also recognize that our coral come from different habitats and different depths. Offshore and with clear water the penetration of red light is deeper than shallow waters at the coast where you have a lot of sediment, which prevents the red light from penetrating to a lower depth than shown in the offshore graphs (3m, 15m, 20m).  This was one of the considerations we had in mind as we developed the new ATLANTIK V4 spectrum to ensure it produced enough red to satisfy coral of all habitats.”

The Atlantik V4 not only produces red light like many other LED lights on the market, but it also produces infrared light.  It’s an unique perspective, that’s for sure.  How captive reef life will respond to infrared lighting is not well-documented, although we do know that excessive red light may inhibit photosynthesis and can also induce coral bleaching, so care must be exercised when using red light.

The new V4 array features 78 customized, high-efficiency 5W Dual-Chip power LEDs (totaling 156 individual LEDs).  Total power input is 220 to 235 watts.  Sixteen different types of Dual-Chip LEDs (on four control channels) provide a spectral range of 380nm (UV-A) to 850nm (IR), which represents the widest range of any aquarium lighting we are aware of.

The Atlantik V4 comes with built-in WiFi so users can control their lights via free iOS or Android apps without any additional equipment required other than the iOS or Android device.

Price is $998 USD (includes shipping).  Orphek is offering an introductory discount of $100 right now. For more information about the Orphek Atlantik V4, visit their website (webpage 1 and webpage 2).


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