Orphek Releases Universal LED Bracket Kit

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Equipment | 0 comments

Orphek Universal Fixing Bracket Kit is designed specifically for the installation and positioning of Orphek Aquarium LED illumination fixtures. The new Bracket Kits are designed to mount and position all Orphek brand LED light fixtures including the new OR3 (Gen 3) LED Light bars. The mounting brackets will not rust in saltwater aquarium applications and by the looks of it they are easy to install and set up.

Each Kit Includes:

(4 units) M4 66mm stainless steel round head screws
(10 units ) M6 16mm stainless steel hex head screws
(8 units) Flat head nut for M4 screws
(4 units) Flat head nut with hole for M4 screws
(1 unit) Stainless steel hanging kit
(2 units) Aluminum alloy light support bar


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