It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday time. Whether you are rooting for the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos, its bound to be a fun filled and exciting day. Even if your not into sports, the half-time commercials certainly prove entertaining. But if the Super Bowl really isn’t your thing, maybe the Monterey Bay Aquarium Otter Bowl is more your style. The Monterey Bay Aquarium hosted their first ever Otter Bowl in anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday. The aquarium created their own football field for the otters to get their game on. There were blue ice helmets for the Denver Bronco’s and silver ice helmets for the Carolina Panthers. Each of the ice helmets had a prize of shrimp inside. The ‘footballs’ were filled with clam strip laces. These type of activities are known by the staff as “enrichment”, basically any activity which is mentally and physically stimulating for the otters.”We do a lot here at the aquarium to change things up for our animals and make their days different,” Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Cat Chiappa said. The otters went after the Carolina Panthers helmets first, but the Denver Bronco’s were the last helmets remaining. You will have to watch the video for yourself to see who you think the winner was. MORE

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