As a thank you to our readers for another great year, Jeff and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to offer a holiday sale to the Saltwater Smarts community. From now until the end of the year, use the promo codes below to receive $5 off on the eBook or print versions of The Salt Smart Guide to Preventing, Diagnosing, and Treating Diseases of Marine Fishes and The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist: A 60-Year History of Fishkeeping. (That’s the largest discount we’ve ever offered on the the eBook versions – a 30% discount.)

Take $5 off either eBook: salty2015

Take $5 off the print version of Diseases of Marine Fishes: BFZZ8WWQ

Take $5 off the print version of The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist: PQ3FQCPM

This opportunity to add to your aquarium library and save ends with 2015, so make sure to take advantage of it before 12/31/15 at 11:59pm (EST). Related posts:Share this: MORE

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