Pacific Sun improves precision of their Kore 5th dosing pump with new DropDose dispenser

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Pacific Sun improves precision of their Kore 5th dosing pump with new DropDose dispenser

The Pacific Sun DropDose

You are only as strong as your weakest link.


Pacific Sun is breaking the design barriers which have historically limited the precision of aquarium dosing pumps.  By using a variable speed motor, they were able to get the original Kore 5th increments down to an already more-than-capable 0.1ml (for more details, read our article about this impressive dosing pump).  However, basic drip dispensers – basically airline tubing dangling open-ended over water – limited the Kore 5th ability to dispense higher precision drips.  Even something seemingly as trivial as evaporation can affect drips.

Pacific Sun has introduced the DropDose, a clever solution to overcome this engineering limitation.  The DropDose is a five channel acrylic drip dispenser designed with humidity chambers to negate the effects of evaporation on dosing accuracy.  If you’re an obsessive aquarist seeking minute dosing precision, the Kore 5th + DropDose was made for you.  For the rest of us, the DropDose is still an elegant drip dispenser.

The DropDose (along with the new Kore 5th software/firmware patch) should be available in the first week of September, 2014 for a MSRP of €29.

Sometimes it’s the little things.

Here is a video of the new DropDoser in action:



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