Pacific Sun is out to prove T5 lighting is still a worthy contender

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Pacific Sun is out to prove T5 lighting is still a worthy contender

Closeup of Diuna’s reflectors & sockets

In August of this year, Pacific Sun announced their new Diuna T5 lighting system.  The Diuna is available in multiple configurations and wattages: from 8×39 watt to 10×80 watt high output T5s.

Pacific Sun released retail pricing (in Euros) for the entire Diuna line:

Diuna T5  8x39W   540x920mm    312W   €695.00
Diuna T5  8x54W   540x1220mm    432W   €750.00
Diuna T5  8x80W   540x1620mm    640W   €899.00
Diuna T5  10x39W    650x920mm    390W   €885.00
Diuna T5  10x54W    650x1220mm    540W   €945.00
Diuna T5  10x80W    650x1620mm    800W   €1,135.00



Control System

Pacific Sun knows that power is nothing without control.  The most notable feature of their new T5 lighting system is its four channel wireless (via Bluetooth) control system.

Pacific Sun provided us a first look at their “Bali” control software, which works with PC, Mac, and Android platforms.  Looking over these screenshots reveal a software that is impressively full-featured, flexible, and easy to use.  All Diuna units feature four channels of independent control for the 8 to 10 T5s housed in the fixture.  Users can assign different on and off times for each channel as well as set custom moon cycle simulations.  Speaking of moon cycle, all Diuna models come with built-in a LED moonlight with a special lens that distributes the moonlight over the length of the fixture.

The software will also calculate bulb usage in order to notify owners when it is time to replace bulbs.  This is particularly useful because of the separate control channels.  Each channel can operate for differing (user-specified) durations.  Instead of replacing all bulbs on an estimated yearly basis, users can now replace them based on actual run-time.





New Pacific Sun T5 bulbs

To top off this T5 extravaganza, Pacific Sun also announced five new T5 bulbs with the following introductory retail prices:

T5 24W (all models) – 11.90 EUR
T5 39W (all models) – 12.90 EUR
T5 54W (all models) – 14.90 EUR
T5 80W (all models) – 16.90 EUR

CrystalUV – (super actinic / true violet with UV)


CrystalBlue (Actinic blue light with wide output spectrum)


Pigment INT+ (Shallow Water tube with additional pinkt / red / violet peaks)


Shallow Water – typical 18.000K T5 tube


Spectra+ – 19.500K tube (mix of Shallow Water T5 and T5 tube CrystalBlue)



Pacific Sun also supplied Advanced Aquarist with spectral comparisons to other popular T5 bulbs:






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