Pacific Sun’s Kore 5th “Intelligent Doser” is packed with features

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Pacific Sun's Kore 5th "Intelligent Doser" is packed with features

Pacific Sun’s new Kore 5th dosing system

Referring to the Kore 5th as just a dosing pump is woefully inadequate.  In a nutshell, the Pacific Sun Kore 5th (available February 2014) is a five channel precision, wirelessly-controlled dosing pump AND a total ATO system AND a temperature monitor with alarm.

We’re not known for cheerleading products, but read all the information about the Kore 5th and tell us you aren’t excited too.  Keep in mind all these advanced features are included at the unheard of price of $430 (not a small sum of money until you realize just how much functionality you get for it).  A lot of thought clearly went into this dosing pump.  Case in point:  Pacific Sun offers different peristaltic tubing optimized for your desired flow rate for each pump head.


The Kore 5th features:

  • Five quiet and accuracy dosing pumps with adjustable flow
  • Three modes: Fast flow, moderate flow, and precise flow allow for single dose 0.2ml (0.1ml accuracy using Pharmed BPT tubing)
  • Single dose from 0.1ml to 1500ml – up to 24 doses/day
  • Wirelessly controlled (for PC, Mac, and Android).
  • Different tubing for fast flow (up to 80ml/min) and precise dosing (20ml/min precision flow rate)
  • Ability to assign labels for each pump (for example: calcium, alk, trace elements, vodka, etc.)
  • Alarm for low-level dosing fluid (and indicator of remaining fluid)
  • Alarm to instruct user to replace peristaltic tubing
  • Precision pump calibration program (for 10ml and 50ml samples)
  • Built-in ATO (automatic top-off) system with 300l/h, 2m head DC pump (adjustable speed) INCLUDED.  The remote ATO/pump connects to the rear panel of the dosing unit.
  • Two water level float sensors (with an additional optic sensor for the upcoming Pro unit)
  • Alarm for refill malfunction
  • Temperature sensor (0.1 degree accuracy) with audible alarm for high and low temperature (customizable)
  • Blue back-lit LCD display (can be turned off/on)
  • Battery back-up – Clock and the user settings are saved if power is interrupted.
  • Single AC/DC power adapter
  • Uses high quality PharMed®/Viton/Silicone tubing in each pump head with different ID diameter
  • Long motor life
  • Quiet “non-gearbox” operation
  • Spare parts are readily available.




Controlling the Kore 5th:

Pacific Sun provided Advanced Aquarist a first look at a bunch of screenshots for the PC/iOS/Android control interface software.  As you can see, the Kore 5th is laden with features to monitor, manage, calibrate, and maintain precise dosing.

The screenshots show a very powerful yet equally intuitive interface.  Users can set a wide range of variables for the dosing heads, ATO, and temperature sensor while being able to monitor the status of everything you control (including the fluid levels of any liquid you plan to dose).  In addition, the built-in audible alarm is a very nice touch; Users can be alerted to low fluid levels, ATO failures, high/low temperature alarms, and when its time to replace tubing. The software alone makes the Kore 5th a real standout.









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