PB ‘n’ Jellies: A new jellyfish retailer

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PB 'n' Jellies: A new jellyfish retailer

A well-fed “red moon”

pbnjellies.jpgDon’t let the cute name and whimsical logo fool you: PB ‘n’ Jellies is serious about providing the healthiest captive-bred jellyfish to home aquarists.  We can say this with confidence because we know the founder of PB ‘n’ Jellies, Wyatt Patry.  Wyatt is a professional jellyfish aquarist and a senior aquarist at a major public aquarium. Wyatt has been actively breeding jellyfish for the past six years at major public aquariums. He also runs the jellyfish blog Jellyfishaquarist.com where you can find more information about jellyfish in general and how to keep them at home.  And now Wyatt has founded a small scale jellyfish breeding operation to serve the budding jellyfish aquaria community.

PB ‘n’ Jellies offers a selection of 1″ to 4″ tropical Pacific moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) – a species well suited for the typical 75F saltwater aquarium.  The captive-bred jellyfish are raised on a decapsulated brine shrimp and rotifer diet, which can also be supplemented with dry feed products such as Otohime and Golden Pearls.  These foods are readily available from most online aquarium retail vendors and LFS.

Jellyfish aquaria is quickly growing in popularity.  PB ‘n’ Jellies strives to provide the burgeoning specialty segment with affordable, healthy, environmentally conscious jellyfish that can thrive in home aquariums.


With radiant beauty like this, you can understand why jellyfish are gaining in popularity.



Captive-bred moon jellyfish!


Jellyfish are living poetry in motion.

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