When I start a new tank I like to come up with what I call a fish stocking plan. It is a list of the fish I would like to add to the tank. The first fish I add have to be hardy and inexpensive. Why roll the dice and add pricey fish to a new tank with a bacteria bed that is still maturing?

Typically, I will go with Green Chromis. For this tank I added a group of four. I like a group of Green Chromis because they will hang together and replicate the shoaling effect often seen with fish on natural reefs. It is like having a slice of the ocean in your living room. I enjoy keeping Anthias for the same reason.

Soon after the four Green Chromis were added I introduced six Lyretail Anthias to the tank. Anthias can be tough fish to keep since they need to be fed often and do best in a large tanks.

But Lyretail are one of the hardiest Anthias around and I have had some decent luck with them in the past. They are also bright orange and contrast nicely with Green Chromis.


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