Peninsula Tank Build – Circulation

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Peninsula reef tanks can present challenges when it comes to providing sufficient circulation for corals, especially SPS. It can be unsightly to have pumps on a viewing panel so many folks place them on the end panel.

With my six foot long tank I have to push a lot of water so my plan was to really beef up circulation. I started with four Ecotech MP40’s. Each pump can push 5,000 GPH of water. I put two near the bottom of the tank and the other two near the top. They were placed 3-4” from the corners of the tank.

Experimenting With Different Modes

I tried various modes, starting with the Short Pulse mode. Over the years I have always used this mode on my Ecotech pumps since it creates a nice surge. But the Short Pulse mode could not deliver the amount of flow I was seeking across the six foot long tank.

I also tried the Gyre and Reef Crest modes but again they did not move enough water. To solve the problem I decided to swap out the two MP40’s near the top with two Ecotech MP60’s. Each pump is rated for 9,000 GPH.

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