Peninsula Tank Build – Royal Exclusiv Dreambox

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The sump I chose for my new 225 gallon peninsula tank is a Royal Exclusiv Dreambox. It is made out of PVC and is bullet proof. I like investing in high-end products since I believe you get what you pay for…..and I wanted something that would last a very long time. This is actually my second Dreambox so I guess you can say I am a fan.

Overall, it is 74 gallons and is 59”L X 24”W X 14”T. Typically, I like my display tanks to be 2.5 to 3 times larger in volume versus the sump so that is how I settled on 74 gallons for this Dreambox with a 225 gallon display.

A neat feature with these Dreamboxes are the clear acrylic lids that cover each section. They really help to cut down on evaporation and can easily be removed to do maintenance.


For plumbing there are five inlets. Four are 1-1/2” and one is 1”. Two of the 1-1/2” inlets are for the two drains on the tank while a third is for the frag tank drain. The fourth 1-1/2” inlet is a spare. The lone 1” inlet is for my water changing system,

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