Pet shop sold goldfish with "nose" rings

Fish with nose rings rescued by PFA India.

As reported by the Times of India, a concerned citizen notified People for Animals (PFA), an organization focused on improving animal cruelty laws and awareness, about her shocking discovery at RR Aqua Pets.  A PFA official along with local police rescued the goldfish from the pet shop.  The pet shop owner was taken down to the police station and released with a warning since this was the first offense.

Over the years, we’ve seen disturbing trends from dyeing fish to tattooing fish in order to sell these novelty fish at a premium price.  Fish piercings is on a whole other level of cruel.  If you find a LFS doing anything of the sort (heaven forbid!), report it to your local animal welfare organization or let Advanced Aquarist know.  We have no problem publicly shaming these people.

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