Pet(ting) Fish

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All fish have unique personalities, and some fish are simply more personable than others.  These three fish are as playful and interactive as fish get.

Please don’t force your fish to play with you if it doesn’t want to. It’s stressful, dangerous for many fish (and sometimes for you), and just plain rude!  The fish in these videos clearly seek the interaction with their owners.

Blood Parrot

This is Roland Giroux’s blood parrot, and it loves playing with his owner’s hand and getting massaged.


Oranda Goldfish

Oranda are arguably the most personable variety of goldfish ever bred.  There are a whole bunch of videos of orandas playing with people’s hands.  This video of “Sweet Pea” is the cutest we found.


Some of you may have seen this viral video earlier this year.  A man is seen petting … and tossing … a playful male Flowerhorn.  It may look like animal abuse, but you can clearly tell the Flowerhorn is enjoying the flying fish treatment because it keeps darting back to the hand for relaunch.

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