Picture of the Week, Neon Green Torch Coral

by | Nov 5, 2012 | Corals, Eye Candy, Photography | 0 comments

We’re digging deep into the archives of the AquaNerd Blog for this week’s Picture of the Week. This image of a neon green torch coral has always been one of our favorites, so much so that it has adorned our laptops and mobile devices for years. The coral consists of a single polyp that is packed with long tentacles that are tipped with white bulbous ends. And because the aquarium was let with moderate blue lighting and had a black background, it stood out so sharpy as it waved back and forth in the water current. The picture was taken at a local fish store roughly three years ago (the same year we started the AquaNerd Blog), and despite the fact that our photography skills have only gotten better since that image was taken, this torch coral photo is still one of the better quality images in our library. Perhaps we fumbled with the camera settings and just got lucky, but either way it’s one that we’ve heavily favored…and we’ve taken thousands upon thousands of photos in the last couple of years. More: Picture of the Week, Neon Green Torch Coral

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