Pictures of Trimma zurae, a newly described dwarf goby

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Pictures of Trimma zurae, a newly described dwarf goby

Trimma zurae. Photos by Mark Erdmann.

trimmazurae.jpgWe reported about the three new Trimma gobies on July 18, 2014.  Click the link to see photos of the other two Trimmas.  Trust us; it’s worth it!

T.zurae is no slouch either.  It’s covered in bright orange pokka-dots with a black false eyespot (bordered in light blue) on its first dorsal fin.  The rest of its fins are laced with sublime rainbow hues.

Trimma zurae is the third new Trimma spp. described in Zootaxa. This species was discovered living amongst sponges in the Celebes Sea, Philippines.

It may seem strange to read about so many colorful gobies only now being discovered by scientists.  However, keep in mind most Trimmas are tiny (around 1 inch/2.5cm) in a pretty darn big ocean.  This species is also a “twilight zone” species that is presently only known at depths between 65-70 meters (over 200 feet deep) where little light penetrates and even fewer divers go.  Also, T.zurae is a cryptic species that lives camouflaged in sponges.

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