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Exciting the pigment in coral has always fascinated me when compared to the appearance under natural light sources.  The colors are absent in most cases under natural kelvin ranges but the beauty and unique formation and structure becomes more obvious.  Like a black and white portrait has an certain appeal, so does the coral animal.  Many only see the rainbo of color and with the current on slaught of diodes of every shade, this premise is somewhat lost in the windex colored waters.  A quick view of a natural reef under natural sunlight will clear the pallet and can open ones eyes to the other amazing aspects of the coral animal.  I am biased as I see beauty in even the brown and mute colors as I study the delicate formation and swaying polyps.  I see this so clearly and enjoy pointing it out so some can enjoy the animal without dressing it in many shades the person viewing would desire.  The animal can display this beauty without any assistance but one must be willing to see this.  And hopefully with open eyes and a clear pallet.


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