Pink Lemonade Acropora

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pl macro
If there ever was a unforgettable Acropora, an Acropora that stole the hearts of stoney coral enthusiasts with just a glimpse, an Acropora that can only be had by growing a seed fragment of the original colony, this would be the Pink Lemonade Acropora.  Wild or maricultured Acroporas have trouble measuring up to the beauty and unique characteristics of this amazing coral.  This specimen was grown from a seed fragment aquired from John Dakan, YourReef in California.  The genetics of this particular coral can be traced back to 1990 when it was first imported.  After more then two decades I have not seen another like it come from our natural reefs.  The pronounced pink flowing polyps and bright yellow pigments set this apart from the rest.  While many beautiful stoney corals come in from the wild collection stations across the world, you would be hard pressed to find these characteristics in any one of them. Truly unique and rare beauty that can only be had with the mind set and patience it requires to grow this magnificent coral from a captive grown seed fragment.


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