This video is all about a group of bottom dwellers affectionately called plate corals. The term “plate corals” refers to a collection of several different corals from the family Fungiidae. In the hobby the most commonly seen varieties are Fungia, Heliofungia, Diaseris, Cycloseris, and Lithophyllon. In all there are around 13 different genera that make up the family Fungiidae.

0:00 Introduction 3:05 Coral Placement 4:26 Substrate 5:20 Lighting 6:29 Water Flow 7:13 Water Chemistry 9:52 Plate Coral Feeding 11:40 Propagation 12:44 Conclusion

MORE:Plate Coral Care – Fungia, Cycloseris, Diaseris, Lithophyllon, etc.

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