PODZILLA: Electron Microscopy of Amphipods and Copepods

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PODZILLA: Electron Microscopy of Amphipods and Copepods

Copepod like you’ve never seen before!

The content below is provided by Eric W. Roth (Mr. Microscope at Nano-reef.com) from his thread: Scanning Electron Microscopy of Pocillopora.  Acknowledgements to Northwestern University NUANCE Center for the use of their Electron Microscope.

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Scanning Electron Microscopy of Zooplankton

Hello All!

It’s taken me a while to gather all of this data; a minute here and there after sessions of looking at actual research samples, but I’ve finally managed to gather a decent collection of images. This entry’s samples consist of some pods that I managed to get out of my fuge. I found an infant amphipod, a copepod, something that looks vaguely like a caterpillar, and something that may be a microscopic bivalve of sorts. Enough chatter, here’s the good stuff!


First off, here is the amphipod I found. I used some static to get him to stand on his hind legs so that I could look him straight in the eye.




Actually, I think he looks a little like Tony the Tiger. What do you think?


Let’s zoom in on that mouth a little.


“The better to EAT you with!!!”




The Claw!




Finally, here is the copepod. This little pod was a lot of fun to explore. I understand how these things can stick to our glass walls now. Their spikes have spikes of their own. I even think their spike’s spikes have spikes. There’s something to think about. I took the time at home to colorize this one.


Did you know that copepods only have one eye? You can see it in the front.



Here’s a closer look at the tail:


There was some bacteria caught up here:


This reminds me of a hunting knife:


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