Police need your help to apprehend fish mass murderers

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Police need your help to apprehend fish mass murderers

The two perpetrators is recorded on store surveillance CCTV.

Click this link to view the surveillance video (unfortunately we weren’t able to embed the video here).  You can clearly see one of the males deliberately dumping an unspecified toxin into the central filtration system while the other male acts as a lookout.

While the loss of life is estimated at only approximately $4,000 (suggesting that most of the fish killed were common, captive-bred freshwater fish, which are commonly sold at Walmarts), animal cruelty towards any life is still animal cruelty.  Any person capable of willfully abusing animals is a potential psychopath that society simply can not ignore.

Anyone with information about this crime or who may be able to help identify the suspect should call Cambria County’s non-emergency police line: 1-800-281-1680.  Cambria County is located in southwest Pennsylvania, USA.

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