Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish

by | Dec 20, 2015 | Fish, Reef, Science, Travel | 0 comments

Good morning from the windiest place on Earth! Like the rest of the planet our weather is messed up and not normal! We should be having rain every day but instead it’s been crazy windy with very little sun!

I have a super cute, pea sized, Post-Larval Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish for you all today that I found a few weeks ago while out playing with my 105 macro lens. This is without a doubt the sweetest, most gentle little fish on the reef but they can be very hard to find because of their tiny pea size. This  little thing was hanging out inside a colony of fire-coral which made the job of picture taking even more difficult because hey, it’s fire-coral!! It always blows my mind that this floating little ball will grow up to be close to a foot in length!  MORE


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