Presenting the Mitras LX 7500 Coral Pop LED!

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We’re pleased to introduce the newest offering from GHL – the Mitras LX 7500 Coral Pop LED. Read on to learn all about this fantastic new product!

Watch your corals in colors like never before

Introductory discount – Retrofit existing lights – Features

Mitras LX7504 and LX7506 are the latest additions to the Mitras LX7 series.
They integrate new LED clusters with a spectral focus in the UVA and blue range and a slight white component. The complete and uniform spectrum achieves a balance between wonderful natural colors and unmatched fluorescence.

Of course, the new LX75xx lights have the same features as the rest of the LX7 family:

  • High power density up to 195W
  • Quiet operation thanks to controlled fans and efficient cooling system
  • WiFi and USB: operation via app, cloud service and PC software
  • Special reflectors with almost 100% reflection and diffusion, approx. 90° beam angle, deep penetration
  • Wide-area illumination and homogeneous light
  • 9 separately adjustable LED channels
  • Standalone or master-slave operation
  • Can be used individually or integrated into the GHL system

… and much more. Read more about Mitras LX7 here.

Introductory offer

For the launch, all Mitras LX7 luminaires and LX7 accessories are offered with a 15% discount.
In the GHL USA Store and at all participating retailers.
The introductory offer ends on May 27, 2024.

Conversion of existing Mitras LX7 lights

Future-proof design and longevity are at the priorities of GHL’s product development. The luminaires in the LX7 series are designed in such a way that the LED clusters can be easily replaced by the user, plus regular firmware updates are provided so that new features – or, as in this case, new LED clusters – can be used.
Customers who want to upgrade the LX72xx marine water version to the LX75xx Coral Pop version or switch from freshwater to marine water can do so by simply replacing the clusters and updating the firmware (V1.17 required).
The introductory discount of 15% also applies to clusters.

6 different UVA and blue LEDs combined with 3 different white LEDs produce a uniform spectrum with emphasis in the lower wavelength range.

Mitras LX7 series at the GHL USA Store

Advanced reflector and heat sink design

Reflector with almost 100% reflection and diffusion, no annoying “disco effect”.
Effective cooling ensures perfect heat dissipation.
Models in black and silver/white, with 4 or 6 clusters.

Easy and precise adjustments

With GHL Connect App and Cloud or GHL Control Software

It doesn’t get any more realistic

Enjoy all simulations you could imagine: Clouds, sunset, thunderstorms, moon cycles and much more!

We are happy to answer your questions by phone (Sales: 910-216-9092 or email ([email protected]).

Enjoy your Passion – Your GHL USA Team

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