Press Release: Benepets Award-Winning Formula Now in Pellet Form!

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DRAPER, UtahBenepets, LLC the creator of the award-winning Benereef Powder Reef Food,
will premiere two new products during the Aquatic Expo show in Charlotte, NC on June 10th – June 11th, 2023.

“This has been a long time coming”, Benepets Founder / CEO, Jeremy Olsen said. “The hardest
part was to get our proprietary ingredients to survive the process and make it a viable pellet
product without sacrificing the quality of the overall formula. We’ve accomplished that.”

Benepellet Reef and Benepellet LPS will be currently offered in 3 sizes; 1.7mm, 2.5mm and
3mm pellets and in 3 different sized bags; 1.3oz (38g), 2.7oz (76g) & 5.3oz (152g).

Benepellet Reef is a pellet form of our tried and trusted powdered food, Benereef”, notes Jeff
Stephenson, Dir. of Operations. “People love reducing the hassle of feeding so this is
specifically designed for auto-feeders but can be manually fed as well.”

Benepellet LPS is an entirely new formula but still built on the scientifically-balanced, probiotic
Benereef architecture. We just now have targeted it specifically for LPS corals.” Stephenson
continued. “They absolutely devour the food. They love it!”

Along with the new products, Benepets also has rebranded their identity, including refreshed
packaging. “This is a high-quality, premium food and it deserves a premium look”, says Olsen.

Benepellet REEF and Benepellet LPS are available for pre-order now and will ship July 2023.

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