Product Highlight : Exaqua’s Multiphotometer Pro 3 Hands-on Review

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Equipment | 0 comments

Testing is something that everyone should be doing regularly in our hobby as it is crucial to the well being of the beautiful animals that we have the privilege of caring for.

That’s why good testers are worth their weight in gold and even more treasured when they are easy, accurate, and consistent (my personal trifecta that I look for when trying out new test kits). Recently this Polish-made all-in-one multiphotometer tester from exaqua came to my possession so here is the first look into it and my thoughts on it after using it.

I think it’s certainly something to look at and consider if you are in the market for one. My opinion is that it’s better to know what’s out there, and knowing your options for your application is imperative in making an educated decision on any product.

I hope you find the video informative! Happy reefing!

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