Product Review: Dennerle’s Shrimp King Foods

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I know this may not be a saltwater or reef related product but we are all aquarists first. Freshwater aquariums have been been the founding spark that brought many of us into the hobby, ever since the hobby started.

Today, the only freshwater aquarium I have is a simple 1.7 gallon Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) tank. In order to make room for the Reef Mentoring Series Water Box 30.2 tank I had to tear down the Convict Cichlid tank.  Cherry Shrimp bring some of the allure and color of saltwater invertebrates into a freshwater environment. At a nano level this type of system is very manageable with very minimum maintenance needs.

I was recently provided a sample of shrimp food under the Dennerle brand Shrimp King. It is currently being distributed by CoralVue as they expand into the adjacent freshwater market.  The sample included the following products:


My Little Setup

I was gifted a used EcoQube C 1.7 gallon aquarium by a co-worker. This tiny system was primarily designed as a small “All in One” beta tank. It included LED lighting for a plant to be grown on top for a natural aquaponics filtration. The primary livestock I started with are the 5 Cherry Shrimp and a few Amazon swords plants.

Other than the natural algae and organic plant matter in the tank, I was only feeding algae wafers twice a week. I have not seen any large boosts in population or coloration so I gave these products a try.


Early Observations

I have been feeding my shrimp on a rotation of all these foods for a few weeks now. They do quickly consume them and I only have 7-10 shrimp in the tank. Each 5 mm stick is reported to be able to feed 20 shrimp in a 24 hour period. The Discovery Pack is probably the best to start with since it does contain 5 different products in a pack. It contains the Complete, Mineral, Protein, Color, and Snow Pops that covers the entire spectrum for proper shrimp health. (Click on the links for more vendor details of each food.) I have noticed a darker more opaque red in the larger female shrimps thus far.  Time will tell if they will be molting and reproducing more with this diet. Even the small sample pack should last me quite a while.

The individual packs of the Yummy Gum and Complete will have a larger quantity bottles. Those are geared for daily feeding.

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