Product Review: Reef Eco – Reef Tool

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ReefEco Reef Tool

ReefEco Reef Tool – Scraping side

ReefEco is a fairly new vendor in this hobby, and was created by a hobbyist who decided to combine his love of the hobby and his design/maker skills.  Along with the Stink Sink and the Coral Wall, now comes the Reef Tool.

I would like to thank ReefEco for providing me with a sample of this tool to try out and see if I can figure it out without any documentation and background info about it for this article.


The assembly was pretty straight forward.  The only items I questioned were the 2 acrylic screws that were provided.  It was later clarified that it was for fastening an optional 16″ angled extension arm to the tool which was not provided to me.

The Reef Tool is a handy maintenance device for scraping and rasping surfaces. The 316 Grade stainless steel tool head is a huge improvement compared to flat head screw drivers or weak dental picks, and the rasp breaks down algae and coralline to the bare surface. I sometimes need a tool for removing vermatid snails and scraping off organics like sponges, fan worms, Aiptasia, palythoas etc. from rocks and frag plugs. The 5-inch “pen”  handle is light and allows a proper grip with no contaminant worries about being submerged under saltwater.


The Reef Tool is a custom design to meet a reefer’s maintenance needs.  As they say, “Necessity is the mother of Invention”. As a product development engineer it is great to see innovation no matter what level of complexity it is.  We can continue to use tools not designed for our needs to make it work but have known drawbacks. So check it out and maybe it will turn into the most utilized item in your reefing tool box.

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