Product Review: Simplicity Aquatics 2L Modular Dosing Containers

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2L Modular Dosing Container

Over the years the focus on water chemistry has transitioned from basic temperature & salinity to the “Big 3” (Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium).  These days Major and Minor Trace elements are now included.  Maintenance practices range from regular water changes to “none at all” + I.C.P testing and dosing has increased importance to maintain water parameter stability.  The reef aquarium industry of course had taken note of all the DIY dosing solutions hobbyists have implemented. “Off the Shelf” products were created to fill that need for non-DIYers. With all products there will be a range from entry value to premium quality and the vendor who can find the ideal combination of those two attributes will usually succeed in that market segment.

Back in the Day

I am an old school DIY hobbyist.  Not many saltwater related products were available in the 1980s when I started, so DIY solutions were the only choice. As a high schooler working at a fast food restaurant and a local chain pet store funds were tight. Below is an example of some DIY dosing containers that I am still using today that meet my “Fit, Form and Function” criteria.

My current DIY Dosing Containers

The Offering

Thanks to Simplicity Aquatics for providing their  2L Modular Dosing Containers to review.  The popular 2L Modular Dosing containers have been on the market since mid-2022.


Volume –          2L

Dimensions –  4.5″ x 4.8″ x 8.5″

Material –        Acrylic

MAP Price –      $34.95


These products are a premium step above my DIY solutions for sure.

  • Simple design that meets the basic functionality requirements, yet allows the hobbyist to add as many as needed and maintain a clean look.
  • Options – Added value to allow an optional float switch to connect to your Aquarium Controller as digital Inputs to notify when empty.
  • Quality – Acrylic manufacturing process results in a quality feel. All the edges are deburred, welded with minimum air bubbles in the seams, and polished properly.
  • I do wish that the vendor included some quick tips on how to connect these float switches to some of the common controllers on the market and their ideal way of setting up for a professional integrated solution.

Unboxing Video

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