As a coral keepers, we have long come to terms with the fact that dipping corals to prevent introducing unwanted pests into our delicate ecosystem is an absolute necessity in our journey of reef keeping.

From Simplicity, I wanted to introduce you a product that simplifies this somewhat tedious procedure.

1.) Finished product that looks great.

2.) Volume marker for overall water volume to accurately dispense and mix dip.

3.) Lens that magnifies 10x to observe the specimens thoroughly for hitchhikers and their eggs to plan ahead on how you would treat the specimen. While this product is absolutely not a necessity, it is something to consider if you want a great, finished product that offers functionality as well as practicality.

Something to consider if you’re wondering what is out there on the market.

Happy reefing!

To learn more about my Two Little Fishies‘ Revive Coral dip featured on the video.

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