Product Review: Two Little Fishies MagFeeder

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Two Little Fishies MagFeeder

I am sincerely excited to share my thoughts regarding the newest aquarium gadget from Two Little Fishies. It is a simple and straightforward device that serves only one purpose, yet does it so well I can’t imagine running my tank without it when I am away. Keep reading…

Feeding fish is a daily routine, we all know that. And while fish can survive without being fed for a couple of days with no health consequences, almost every aquarist has been in a situation where a week-long business trip or a hard-earned vacation comes up in the schedule and there’s no one to look out for the fish while you are out of town. There are automatic feeders that automate the feeding process, but they come with their own issue, namely, there is no one to temporarily stop the flow in the tank and big chunks of the food dropped into the tanks end up in the overflow, clogging the mechanical filter, which can lead to dangerous nitrate and phosphate spikes in the tank.

Two Little Fishies MagFeeder

This is where MagFeeder comes in. It’s not the first device of this kind ever invented, but the way it is built makes all the difference in the world.  Most feeders sold in the US use either a suction cup or a rigid magnet to keep it in position. Two Little Fishes modified the latter, and designed the ring, which corrals the food, to be buoyant and attached to a sort of swing arm, that allows it to be repositioned as needed. For example, if your feeder output reaches far from the glass panel you’ve attached it too, you can slide the magnetic arm of the MagFeeder up so it’s parallel to the water surface. In an opposite situation (feeder output being close to the edge of the tank), you can slide the magnet down, shortening the arm length. The buoyant ring part always stays at the water line, keeping floating food particles within its boundaries. For that simple reason, MagFeeder is now an indispensable part of my vacation equipment set, next to IP cameras and an aquarium controller.

Two Little Fishies MagFeeder

The only part in need of improvement is the in-tank magnet, which failed on me after few weeks of use, exposing the actual magnet part to saltwater. I fixed it by applying a generous amount of silicone to fill the space inside the magnet cup, but it should have been sealed completely from the beginning.

UPDATE: I’ve been told by Julian Sprung himself that the new shipments of MagFeeder, as well as other feeding tools that share the same mount, have been upgraded with a new, completely sealed magnet.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with this aquarium gadget, so simple in build yet so ingenious in its functionality. If you travel often and use automatic feeding devices to take care of your fish, go and get this – you won’t regret it!

Visit Two Little Fishies website to learn more about this and other aquarium tools the company sells.


Two Little Fishies MagFeeder Two Little Fishies MagFeeder Two Little Fishies MagFeeder Two Little Fishies MagFeeder

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