Rappin’ With ReefBum – SPS Masters Series

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I am really excited about my next three guests on Rappin’ With ReefBum! On Sunday (11/1) at 7P EST I had the pleasure of welcoming Adam Dickerson from Battlcorals. Adam is one of the most well-known coral vendors out there specializing in SPS corals. He has been in the game for a number of years and has done an amazing job aqua-culturing corals and making them available to hobbyists.

On Sunday, November 8th at 7P EST I welcome Greg Hiller, a very well-known reef keeper. Greg has been active in the reefkeeping hobby since 1996. Greg has raised several species of marine fish and propagated dozens of species of soft and hard corals, and anemonies/corallimorphs.

Finally, on Sunday, November 15th at 7P EST I will be joined by Dr. Sanjay Joshi. Sanjay has been a reef addict since 1992, and currently keeps several reefs aquariums at home including a 500G SPS dominated reef. He also co-manages the 500G aquarium at Penn State.


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